Rental Business

The Rental Business provides a stable income stream through leasing of office buildings, apartments, commercial facilities, car parks and other Group-owned properties, in the greater Tokyo area. We maintain and improve the value of these properties through our comprehensive operations that make full use of the Group's unique expertise.

Rental Business


Contribute to improving profitability with a view to sale

  • Attract tenants based on the surrounding market and local area characteristics
  • Cater to high-level projects raising occupancy of completely vacant properties to full capacity.

Tenant management

Capabilities to handle a wide range of properties, backed by a solid track record

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise with all kinds of property types, from offices to apartments and logistics facilities
  • Respond to tenant needs with finely tuned relationships

Breakdown of Properties

Tosei owns a diverse range of real estate properties. For this reason, we have been able to accumulate leasing expertise suited to each property type, including offices, commercial facilities, apartments, and logistics facilities.

Breakdown of Properties: Office惻Commercial Facility 60%, Apartment 39%, Others 1%. *As of November 30, 2020

From completely vacant rental apartment to full occupancy

T's Garden Kitakashiwa is a rental apartment. After the acquisition of the former corporate housing complex-comprised of three buildings with a total of 149 residential units-Tosei revitalized the property as a rental apartment and increased the property's earning power by renovating facilities and a portion of the private areas from the perspective of encouraging leasing. We created new common spaces including a children's room, party room and study room to increase the appeal of the apartment complex as a large-scale community, and provided a range of services that residents can make free use of. These added value features also contributed to leasing, and the property was sold as an almost fully occupied profitable apartment. This project was successful due to the combination of Tosei's property revitalization knowledge and leasing capabilities.

Kids room
Party room
Study room

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