With Employees

The Tosei Group strives to develop truly broad-minded professionals, the ideal sought under its management principles, and to establish a working environment in which each employee can exercise their skills and work with confidence.

Training for Employees

To help each employee bolstering their skills and abilities, the Tosei Group has been providing human resources training, and has adopted a personal development support system and a qualification acquisition support system. The Group also provides external management school training, training for employees by occupational level, and other training to develop the next generation of leaders.

Employees' Occupational Safety and Health

The Health Committee, which comprises employees and partner industrial physicians, reviews the general working environment, including the soundness of the office environment and the status of medical checkups, on a monthly basis. The results of the reviews are provided to employees as feedback.
Moreover, the Group takes steps to maintain the sound physical and mental health conditions of the employees by providing training related to mental health care in the office to managers, and offering employees engaged in overtime work that exceeds a certain level the chance to interview with industrial physicians and other professionals. In addition, the Group provides its employees with a consultation service for their sound mental health, working with external medical institutions. The service allows the Group's employees as well as their families to informally consult with medical professionals about mental health conditions either by phone or by e-mail.