Ethics Code

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To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we consistently value a law-abiding spirit when pursuing the Group's Corporate Philosophy, and conduct our business activities in adherence with the principles below:

  1. 1.Integrity and customer focus
    We constantly maintain a sense of humility and integrity in our business activities, acting from the perspective of customers and working to ensure the safety and security of the products and services we provide.
  2. 2.Prompt and appropriate information disclosure
    We promptly and appropriately disclose the information necessary to retain a fair evaluation and understanding from investors and society.
  3. 3.Fair and transparent decision-making
    We make decisions based on appropriate and accountable grounds, in compliance with laws and regulations and internal rules.
  4. 4.Strict compliance with all laws and regulations, and fair trade practices
    We understand the intent and purpose of laws and regulations in domestic and global contexts, and will never engage in transactions that are illegal or otherwise in violation.
  5. 5.Rejection of relations with anti-social forces
    We will reject all ties with antisocial forces and will act resolutely as an organization in dealing with problems and other incidents involving them.
  6. 6.Protection of confidential information
    We will protect and strictly manage all important business information, personal information of customers, information of business partners, and other confidential information.
  7. 7.Establishment of sound operating environment
    We will constantly strive to establish a sound operating environment that always respects human rights, without discrimination or abuse, and will aim for the sound development of our human resources.
  8. 8.Consideration for the environment
    We will remain constantly aware of the importance of environmental issues, and will seek to reduce the environmental footprint of our corporate activities.
  9. 9.Social contribution
    We will remain committed to our CSR activities as a good corporate citizen.
  10. 10.Senior management commitment
    Our senior management will take a leading role in dealing with any violations of these principles, working to investigate the cause and prevent a recurrence. They will fulfill their responsibility to explain to the market and society, including making timely and appropriate information disclosures, and deal fairly and strictly with the offenders, including themselves.