Comprehensive real estate company which provides 6 businesses

The Tosei Group carries out highly stable portfolio management by managing six main businesses, the Revitalization Business, the Development Business, the Rental Business, the Fund and Consulting Business, Hotel Business,and the Property Management Business.
While the Revitalization Business and the Development Business offer opportunities for strong earnings through real estate trading, the Rental Business, the Fund and Consulting Business, the Hotel Business,and the Property Management Business generate steady income. By taking advantage of the strength and benefits of these six businesses, the Group has developed a business foundation that enables the Group to respond flexible to market changes.




Fund and Consulting

Property Management


The Tosei Group carries out highly stable portfolio management.

"Sale & Purchase business" which sales and buys, condominiums and detached houses.

"Stable business" which generates steady income.

A strong Lineup

The Tosei Group provides products through new property development and through the revitalization of existing buildings for different uses (office buildings, residential houses, and commercial facilities, hotel and logistics), ranging from large-scale developments to small and midsize properties.
In new development projects, the Group aims to maximize the value of properties by selecting products from a range of its development programs and developing properties that are tailored to the characteristics of the site and to market needs. Also in revitalization business, Tosei Group increases the value of properties by improving the design, convenience and safety, environment-friendliness.
Tosei Group provides products that match the characteristics of real estate, using the marketing capabilities and research know-how honed through the Group's portfolio management.

Managing Businesses Mainly in Tokyo

The Tosei Group mainly focuses on Tokyo. Since its founding, the Tosei Group has consistently invested in properties in the Tokyo area. Through these investments, the Group has built an impressive track record in terms of both the size and use of the properties, and has developed sophisticated capabilities for understanding properties in Tokyo.
The Group will continue to manage businesses, mainly in the Tokyo market, in which the Group excels.

The area where tosei's Inventory properties are located - Total 102 properties

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  • *FY2020 Inventories


The Tosei Group's mission
Create new value and inspiration in all aspects of real estate as a global-minded group of seasoned professionals.
The Tosei Group's Corporate message
Heart into the City To build an attractive city does not mean tearing it all down and starting from scratch. Rather a flexible approach is needed that matches the local characteristics.
To create new value and inspiration, we build the city with all our heart.
Hence our message: "Heart into the City"