Consolidated Subsidiaries

Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc.

Fields of business Investment management business, etc.

 Akihiko Fujinaga


Tosei Community Co., Ltd.

Fields of business Property management; building interior and exterior repair and maintenance, management, security, cleaning, etc.
Representative Hisashi Hasegawa

Tosei Revival Investment Co., Ltd.

Fields of business Buying and selling of debt; mergers and acquisitions; buying and selling of real estate, brokerage and money lending business, etc.
Representative Kaname Wakabayashi

Tosei Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Fields of business Consultancy Service Relating to Real Estate
Managing Director Ichiro Kawabata

Urban Home Corporation

Fields of business Detached house development & sales; Custom home construction; Real estate brokerage, etc.
Representative Koji Kuramoto

Tosei Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Fields of business Hotel business planning, operation, and management
Representative Ichiro Kawabata

As of March 1, 2018