TOSEI's 6 Businesses

Portfolio Management Through Our 6 Businesses


The Tosei Group provides a broad range of businesses in the real estate industry.

The Tosei Group carries out highly stable portfolio management by managing six main businesses, the Revitalization Business, the Development Business, the Rental Business, the Fund and Consulting Business, the Hotel Business,and the Property Management Business.

While the Revitalization Business and the Development Business offer opportunities for strong earnings through real estate trading, the Rental Business, the Fund and Consulting Business, the Hotel Business,and the Property Management Business generate steady income. By taking advantage of the strength and benefits of these six businesses, the Group has developed a business foundation that enables the Group to respond flexible to market changes.

The Tosei Group also manages a number of projects in which optimum performance can be achieved by using the know-how that the Group has acquired through the activities of more than two businesses. As a result, the portfolio management of the Tosei Group has proven to be the unique strength, unmatched by other companies.

In the Revitalization Business, Tosei acquires properties whose asset value has declined, improves their design,convenience and security, and introduces environment-friendly features, based on “value-up plans” that reflect local characteristics and tenant needs. Tosei Corporation and Tosei Revival Investment Co., Ltd. also acquire properties through mergers and acquisitions.

Revitalized real estate by "Value-up" activities

As a group of seasoned professionals, Tosei Corporation takes the end-user's perspective in focusing on quality and detail to continue enhancing the value of original, distinctive properties that meet diversifying needs.

Community space

Green wall

Tosei's Restyling Business


Tosei's Restyling business purchases entire rental apartments and multi-use buildings, adds value to the exterior, common, exclusive and other areas, and then successively sells vacant units.
Recognized as a highly social business model that contributes to people and the Earth, the Restyling business won a Good Design Award for two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012.

In the Development Business, Tosei examines the characteristics of acquired land and determines the use that will maximize its value, choosing from a diverse product lineup that includes office buildings, commercial facilities, condominiums and detached houses and hotels. We then develop and sell the properties. Tosei has its own first-class architectural office to ensure craftsmanship and quality. In recent years, we have also focused on developing eco-friendly properties.

Office Buildings

By utilizing the advantage of being in good locations, Tosei plans and develops office buildings based on the concept that best matches local characteristics. Besides creating stylish exterior and functional work space, we now promote the development of environmentally conscious office buildings that reduce environmental burdens.

Commercial Facilities

T'S BRIGHTIA is Tosei's corporate brand for commercial facilities. Based on the concept of creating space to brighten up the minds of both residents and visitors while taking advantage of the characteristics of towns, Tosei has been providing highly original commercial space in convenient areas near stations in the 23 wards of Tokyo, attracting quality tenants.


Located in the 23 wards of Tokyo and featuring environmentally conscious designs, "THE Palms Series" of condominiums offers a full range of floor plans in a single complex tailored to suit customers including families, working couples without children, single people and small office/home office business owners. We continually generate original plans for urban spaces with relaxing features such as hotel-style entrances, as well as aquatic and hanging gardens.

Detached House

Tosei's corporate brand "THE Palms Court Series" provides customers with what they demand: homes with lasting quality. To do so, our first-class architects and other professional staff ensure our original high standards are reflected in all designs.

The Rental Business provides a stable income stream through leasing of office buildings, condominiums, stores, car parks and other Group-owned properties, in the greater Tokyo area. We maintain and improve the value of these properties through our comprehensive operations that make full use of the Group's unique expertise.

Tosei's rental properties

With a proven track record in the real estate rental business, Tosei Corporation owns superior office buildings and condominiums in inner Tokyo, both with a high occupancy rate. Tosei Corporation's rental properties are all under our direct management. While meeting customers' tangible needs with infrastructure such as telecommunications, IT compatibility and security systems, we also address intangible needs by providing spatial design and amenities, leasing services, claim management and legal response. In this way, we continue to enhance the value of our properties by increasing the satisfaction of the people who use them, whether as residences or workplaces.

In our Fund and Consulting Business, Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc. provides asset management services for real estate funds and manages the assets of Tosei Reit Investment Corporation. The services include the acquisition and disposition of properties tailored to investor needs, raising the occupancy rates of rental condominium buildings, and giving other kinds of advice. Tosei also provides consultancy and intermediary services for corporates.

Managing Funds Leveraging the Group's Strengths

Tosei's Fund Business structures private placement funds and earns fee revenues by managing the assets of those funds under contract. Tosei has built relationships of trust with various investors by offering an optimum balance of investments achieved through the selection of profitable investment properties suited to each fund's needs, raising the physical and intangible value of properties purchased by funds through its original "value-up" activities, and through proper operating reports and sound cash management.

In addition, to further grow its Fund Business, on May 19, 2008, Tosei registered its subsidiary Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc. (TAA) under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law as an Investment Management Business, Investment Advisory and Agency, and Second Financial Instruments Business. TAA has steadily been building up its AUM and largely contributing to the expansion of the Fund Business, playing a major role in the core part.

Assets under ManagementE_aum_2020.png

  • *The light green portion indicates the assets under consulting agreements of CRE. CRE is methods of investing in and managing corporate real estate efficiently to maximize long-term enterprise value. By undertaking CRE, Tosei conducts comprehensive consulting services from the views of real estate professional.
  • *The dark green portion shows the balance of the managed assets that Tosei Asset Advisors is entrusted with from Tosei REIT Investment Corporation.

Tosei will move forward proactively with the development of the Tosei Hotels Cocone, hotels with its own brand, and with the conversion of used office buildings into hotels in the Greater Tokyo Area. Management and operation of hotels are carried out by Tosei Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Tosei Hotel Service Co., Ltd.

Tosei Hotel COCONE Kanda

  • Hotel
  • Entrance
  • 1F Front
  • Twin Room
  • Single Room
  • Ladies' Floor/Single Room

The hotel, which is 3-minute walk from Kanda Station of on JR Yamanote Line and within walking distance of Tokyo Metro’s Otemachi and Tokyo stations, offers a very convenient location to customers using it for business or pleasure. Its external appearance and interior design implicitly express the seasonal changes under the concept of Wa Modern, or Japanese-style modernity, so that they match the atmosphere of Kanda, an area where the new coexists with the traditional.


3-2-10, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
About 3 minute walk from the west exit of JR Yamanote Line (Kanda Station)


Tosei Hotel COCONE Ueno

  • Hotel
  • 2F Front
  • Single Room
  • Japanese Modern Room
  • Lady's Room Set
  • Restaurant

The hotel, which is a one-minute walk from exit No. 3 of Tokyo Metro’s Ueno Station and a 4-minute walk from the Hirokojiguchi exit of JR’s Ueno Station, is located in the Ueno area, which features many tourist spots. Tosei purchased a vacant used office property and converted it into a hotel through its “value-up” initiatives, taking advantage of its unique expertise in revitalizing real estate. The hotel offers a range of guest rooms and accommodation plans to satisfy the needs of a broad array of customers, including foreign visitors to Japan, families with young children, and female customers, as well as those using it for business travel.


2-18-5, Higashiueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
It is a 4-minute walk from JR Ueno Station "Hirokoji Exit"
It is a 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro "Exit 3"


Operated by Tosei Community Co., Ltd., the Property Management Business offers comprehensive property management services including building management, security services, renovation and tenant leasing operations. Managed properties have been expanding from buildings and condominiums to hotels, commercial and logistics facilities, and schools as a result of offering services that maximize cash flows and increase asset value.

Full Services from the Perspective of Condominium and Office Building Owners

We provide comprehensive property management for over 480 condominiums and office buildings in the inner Tokyo area through our wholly owned subsidiary Tosei Community Co., Ltd. Our high-quality services focus on suitability, functionality and efficiency tailored to area characteristics, which we achieve by grasping and analyzing trends in tenant and occupant demands. The Tosei Group has a unique perspective that stems from its experience in developing and managing office buildings and its ongoing efforts to enhance their value. We work as partners with owners, taking their perspective to manage office buildings and condominiums more efficiently in order to maximize cash flow. At the same time, we provide full services that enhance the asset value of properties from the occupant's perspective.