Development Business

In the Development Business, Tosei examines the characteristics of acquired land and determines the use that will maximize its value, choosing from a diverse product lineup that includes office buildings, commercial facilities, condominiums and detached houses and hotels. We then develop and sell the properties. Tosei has its own first-class architectural office to ensure craftsmanship and quality. In recent years, we have also focused on developing eco-friendly properties.
Tosei engages in real estate development with consideration for the environment and society.


Creating new value

Diverse development menu to match area characteristics and needs

  • Product planning that helps to maximize the value of locations
  • Original development plans that differ for each building
  • Concept design with a view to the future, but also focusing on the history of the local area

Diverse market strategies

Market strategies that cater to all manner for sale and rental demand

  • Tosei caters to all manner of buyer demographics, from individual unit buyers to sale of whole buildings to companies and real estate funds
  • We constantly pursue design and planning to match the changing of the times

Line up


Toranomon Tosei Building

Tosei's office buildings are planned and developed with concepts that cater to local characteristics and make maximum effective use of the advantages of good locations. In addition to creating stylishly-designed exteriors and highly functional workspaces, we develop environmentally symbiotic office buildings that reduce environmental impact.

Commercial facility

T'S BRIGHTIA Minami Aoyama

Tosei's T'S BRIGHTIA commercial facility brand delivers highly original commercial spaces in good locations in close proximity to stations around the circumference of the 23 wards of Tokyo, attracting quality tenants based on the concept of "creating spaces where the hearts of visitors shine radiantly, while valuing the uniqueness of each urban area."


THE Palms Yutenji Masterplace

With its THE PALMS series of condominiums, focusing on the 23 wards of Tokyo, Tosei offers a diverse range plans such as family type and DINKS, in pursuit of space design and planning that puts the lifestyles of residents first, based on the characteristics and needs of the local area. We also endeavor to plan products that give consideration to the environment and society, and provide new added value to urban developments.

Detached house

Palms Court Mitaka Adagio

Tosei's THE PALMS COURT series of detached housing offers diverse product plans ranging from small to large-scale urban development to match local area characteristics and needs. We plan each individual residence in detail, and strive to pay care and considerat ion to the environment and society, as well as comfort for residents.



Tosei's COCONE hotel brand delivers accommodation facilities and services that meet diverse needs ranging from business to tourism, focused around highly convenient locations in urban centers.


T's Logi Hashimoto

Tosei develops its T's Logi logistics at highly convenient locations that serve as hubs for wide-area delivery in the Greater Tokyo Area. We cater to the needs of tenants with flexible product planning capabilities.

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