Fund and Consulting Business

In our Fund and Consulting Business, Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc. provides asset management services for real estate funds and manages the assets of Tosei Reit Investment Corporation.
The services include the acquisition and disposition of properties tailored to investor needs, raising the occupancy rates of rental assets, and giving other kinds of advice. Tosei also provides consultancy and intermediary services for corporates.

Fund and Consulting Business

Extensive investment track record

Balance of assets under management in excess of one trillion yen

  • Continuously entrusted with assets by investors located both in Japan and overseas
  • Capability of managing a diverse range of property types
  • Also manage assets for Tosei Reit Investment Corporation

Flexible response capabilities

Solutions catering to the requirements of various investors

  • Speedy and finely tuned response to high-level requirements of investors

Assets under Management

1,123,4billion yen: Tosei's Fund and Consulting Business manages a total balance of 1.1234 trillion yen in assets entrusted to it by various funds and REITs (real estate investment trusts). *As of November 30, 2020
Assets under management by asset type: Residential properties 59%, Office 10%, Ware house 11%, Rental facilities 8%, Hotel 2%, Others 10%. Assets under management by region: Tokyo 23 Wards 50%, Kanto 19%, Kinki 14%, Kyusyu 9%, Tokai and Chubu and Hokuriku 6%, Others 4%. Assets under management by customer:Foreign investment fund 79%, Japanese business companies 9%, Japanese investment fund 6%, REIT 4%. *As of November 30, 2020

Tosei Reit Investment Corporation assets are managed
by Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc.

 Tosei Reit Investment Corporation
Commercial facility

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