Property Management Business

Operated by Tosei Community Co., Ltd., the Property Management Business offers comprehensive property management services including building management, security services, renovation and tenant leasing operations. Tosei engages in property management of both assets owned by Tosei Group and those owned by outside owners, providing services that contribute to maximizing cashflows and increasing asset value.

Property management Business

Diverse management assets

The number of buildings under management: Office Commercial facility Hotel Logistics facility 449 properties, Condominiums 246 properties. *As of November 30, 2020

Tosei Community Co., Ltd. engages in comprehensive property management under its corporate slogan of being a company that make people and buildings healthier. The number of buildings now under management has grown to around 700, expanding from condominiums / apartment buildings to include offices, commercial facilities, hotels, logistics facilities and school facilities.

Office, Condominium, Commercial facility, Hotel, Logistics facility

Total property management services

Property Management

Maximizing the value of buildings by utilizing expertise developed through a wide range of business operations

Tosei Community solves issues and problems faced by customers and maximizes the value of buildings under its management by performing tenant management / leasing that makes full and effective use of expertise and specialist knowledge developed through a wide range of operations.

Building Management

Protecting building asset value through five management services

Tosei Community maintains the value of building assets by providing refined and finely tuned management services ranging from building maintenance, equipment / facilities management and water supply and drainage hygiene management to cleaning management and security management, and implementing appropriate maintenance plans to combat age-related deterioration of buildings.


Provision of integrated services to increase the commercial value of offices and apartments

We not only respond to customer requests, but also propose plans that go beyond to increase the commercial value of offices and apartments. We also bring added value by providing consistent services, from post-construction operation to maintenance.

Facility Management

Aiming for integrated "maintenance and prevention" style management, creating together with customers

Tosei Community offers comprehensive management of large-scale facilities and buildings such as hotels, schools and commercial facilities. We build comprehensive "maintenance and prevention type" management frameworks while responding to customer requests to achieve total facility solutions management, based on our track record and positive recognition in that field.

Condominiums Management

Continuing to be a reliable presence throughout the lives of residents and their condominiums

The value demanded of condominiums varies according to the needs of residents. We operate optimal condominium management services by constantly providing a diverse range of services that match the unique character of individual residents.

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