Revitalization Business

In the Revitalization Business, Tosei acquires properties whose asset value has declined, improves their design,convenience and security, and introduces environment-friendly features, based on "value-up plans" that reflect local characteristics and tenant needs.
Tosei Corporation and Tosei Revival Investment Co., Ltd. also acquire properties through mergers and acquisitions.

Revitalization Business

Good Judgement

Expertise for selecting properties in the Greater Tokyo Area, accumulated since our founding

  • Comprehensive judgements based on attributes such as location, scale, age, facilities and structural design
  • Extensive property database


Adding value to existing properties

  • Precise remodeling plans that increase the competitiveness of properties
  • Flexible product planning with consideration for improving design aspects, environment and comfort

Sales Strengths

Information network supporting all aspects of operations from acquisition to sale

  • Working to build relationships with real estate agents and acquire good quality information in a timely manner

Value Up Style

Creating ideal value for customers

Tosei's value-added service increases the appeal of diverse existing properties while maintaining and utilizing their individual character.
Tosei considers and chooses solutions from its lineup-based on the three primary components of "safety and security," "refinement and comfort" and "sustainability and environmental friendliness"-and provides ideal value for owners and tenants alike.

3 Code for value improvement

Security, Design, Eco friendliness

Case study

Renovation of common space Entrance Before After
Re-purposing to SOHO Transformation of the former building owner's residential floor to SOHO office specifications (small office / home office) before after

Recovering functionality, increasing asset value and improving tenant satisfaction through renovation

  • External appearance, entrance renovation (entrances, elevator halls, planting, etc.)
  • internal and facilities renovation (introduction of disaster readiness, energy saving and security facilities)

Increasing earning power of rental properties

  • Transformation for small-scale use (renovating the former building owner's residential space to office specifications, etc.)
  • tenant leasing (improving profitability by improving occupancy / operation rate)

Responding to the requirements of buyers

  • Transformation to investment grade properties (restoration of legal compliance) (renovating illegal architectural structures, securing evacuation routes, use beside the original purpose, work to correct excessive floor-area ratios, removal of asbestos, etc.)

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