TOSEI's Logo

    • Infinity(∞) symbolizes unlimited growth and opportunities
    • Infinity(∞) represents the integration of real estate and finance, and a global business scope
    • Infinity(∞) expresses fl exibility

  • toseiblue.pngTosei's Blue:Symbolizes harmonious business development as a color that blends with all colors
  • toseigrey.pngTosei's Gray:A combination of white and black, expressing Tosei's comprehensive capabilities, such as the fusion of finance and real estate, and the fusion of people and nature

Group’s Corporate Philosophy

Tosei aims to build attractive cities by creating new value and inspiration in all aspects of real estate.
To build an attractive city does not mean tearing it all down and starting from scratch.
Rather, a fl exible approach is needed that matches the local characteristics.
To create new value and inspiration, we build the city with all our heart. Hence our message:
“Heart into the City”