The Tosei Group has been striving to reduce the burden on the global environment by promoting human and eco friendly corporate activities under the Tosei Eco Declaration. In addition to initiatives through business activities, such as the development of eco-friendly real estate, the Group has been committed to eco-friendly activities involving its own employees.

Environmental Targets and Vision

Given pressing issues such as the changing attitudes towards environmental issues and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the Tosei Group takes its corporate responsibility as a real estate company seriously. To step up its environmental initiatives, the Group established the Tosei Group Eco Declaration in April 2019 and it conducts business activities based on Eco-Missions consisting of three action policies.

Tosei Group Eco Declaration

  • The Tosei Group has been striving to reduce the burden on the global environment by promoting human and eco friendly corporate activities under the Tosei Eco Declaration.

In order to achieve our slogan "Heart into the City", the Tosei Group declares its intention to promote corporate activities that are friendly to people and the environment and to work to reduce burdens on the environment, while keeping true to our philosophy "To create new value and inspiration in all aspects of real estate."

Eco-Mission (Action Policy)

In accordance with "Tosei Group Eco Declaration", we promote activities related to the three missions described below through various corporate activities to reduce environmental burdens, conserve environment, comply with environmental laws and regulations and educate our people.

Mission 1

Promote environmental practice through business activities

We strive to minimize environmental burdens by introducing measures to contribute to energy conservation and resource saving in the real-estate revitalization.

Mission 2

Comply with environmental laws, regulations and raising of environmental awareness

We work to conserve the environment by complying with environmental laws and regulations. We will also conduct various measures aiming to increase Tosei group employees environmental conservation awareness.

Mission 3

Inform our activities to stakeholder

Starting with the announcement of "Eco Declaration" and "Eco Mission", we will promote open communication with the society while providing information on our progress and results.

Establishment of targets in the environmental area

The Group has set itself reduction targets in the three areas shown below to promote environmental initiatives.

 Targets for energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission reductionsWater-saving targetsTarget for Waste discharge
Long-term targets Decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 5%, respectively, in terms of basic units in five years Reduce water consumption by 2.5% in five years Reduce waste generation by 2.5% in five years
Short-term targets Decrease energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 1%, respectively, in terms of basic units in one year Reduce water consumption by 0.5% in one year Reduce waste generation by 0.5% in one year
Target properties Fixed assets owned by the Company

Performance Data

Energy usage

Electricty use intensity(kwh/㎡) 163.77 151.61 142.18
Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison - -7% -13%
Gas use intensity(㎥/㎡)




Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison


2% -12%

GHG (CO2) emissions 



Emissions intensity of Electricty(t-CO2/㎡) 0.082 0.067 0.069
Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison - -19% -16%
Emissions intensity of Gas(t-CO2/㎡)




Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison


2% -12%

Water use

Water use intensity(㎥/㎡)
1.35 1.24 0.89
Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison - -8% -34%

Waste discharge

Waste discharge(t/㎡) 42.1 50.6 56.7
Reduction rate(FY2018 comparison - 20% 35%

※The target property is the fixed asset that we have held since 2018, excluding condominiums, shared ownership, real estate for sale and those with less  than one year of energy monitoring.  

※Occupancy rate is not taken into account in the calculation of basic unit per floor area.

※The GHG emission factor is based on the "emission factor by electric power company" published by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and uses the emission factor of the electric power company used by the target building.

※The scope of waste generated per unit floor area includes only the Tosei Head Office Building. .

Creation of sustainable value ~Three Value-Ups Code~

In the product planning phase both in the case of new construction and renovation to add value, we examine using eco-friendly equipment which suits property characteristics and we actively adopt products that are eco-friendly in a variety of ways, for example, equipment that conserves energy and saves resources. Especially when adding value to existing properties after acquisition, the Group considers the adoption of specifications which will help conserve energy and save money and resources based on the "Three Value-Ups Code" for adding value across three dimensions: "Security," "Design" and "Ecofriendly."

Initiatives Through Business Activities

In the revitalization and development of real estate, The Tosei Group has been striving to reduce the burden on the global environment by actively introducing measures that contribute to energy and resource savings.

CO2 emission reduction by revitalization business

Tosei’s revitalization business is not only attractive as an investment product, but also leads to the utilization and extension of existing resources and is environmentally friendly.This means that, Tosei’s model as the utilization of existing used properties can reduce total amount of CO2 generated due to construction by 54% in comparison to the Scrap and Build Model during during 100-year term.(According to our estimation



Assuming that a newly constructed office building (total floor area: 10,000m2 , steel-framed reinforced concrete structure) will be maintained for 100 years*1

TOSEI Value-Up Model

・Repair and maintenance work to be carried out every 10 years (8 times in total), and life-extension work to be carried out once every 30 to 40 years (2 times in total).

・Lengthening of service life = large-scale repair work for air conditioning, water supply, elevators, water-saving toilets, etc.

Scrap and Build model

・Repair work every 10 years (9 times in total), and once every 30-40 years, Demolish the existing building and build a new similar building (2 times in total).

*1 In order to extend the life of the building frame up to 100 years, it is assumed that the neutralization diagnosis of the building frame and its treatment have been taken. In addition, CO2 emissions from the work related to neutralization diagnosis and treatment are not taken into account.

Installation of LED lighting in existing office building

We are promoting the installation of LED lighting in our portfolio properties to achieve the reduction target we set in 2019. So far, we installed LED lighting in two existing office properties and a Logistics, reducing electricity consumption by 30% on average. Besides reducing electricity consumption and costs, the installation work is also expected to improve tenant satisfaction through better lighting and easier maintenance.

Awajicho Tosei building
Shinbashi frontia building
Shinden Logistics

Revitalization of existing properties as own-brand hotels

In the case of Tosei Hotel Cocone Ueno, which is the Group's second own brand hotel, we converted an office building that was standing completely empty into a hotel. In the first-floor entrance, which is the public face of the hotel, we took out the first-floor ceiling and built a new stairwell leading to the reception on the second floor. We also created a roof terrace where guests can relax.
In the case of Tosei Hotel & Seminar Makuhari, scheduled to open in May 2020, Tosei acquired the business of operating an aging training facility. We then renovated the entire building to add value and are currently in the process of turning it into a facility which meets corporate training needs and the training and accommodation needs of other organizations. We will continue making full use of existing properties in the future by creatively converting them into hotels.

Creating a roof terrace on the roof
Remodeling a cafeteria into a restaurant
Convert to rooms that can be accommodated in groups

Promotion of greening

We are actively incorporating green spaces into existing properties and newly developed properties as part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities. As of the end of November 2019, the total area we had "greened," including the rooftops and walls of office buildings and the sites of condominiums, was
3,856m2. We also plan to incorporate green spaces into commercial facilities and hotels currently under development.


Development of net-zero energy housing (ZEH)


Tosei Urban Home Corporation is registered under the "Registration System of ZEH Builder" launched by METI.
The number of ZEH buildings supplied from April 2020 to March 2021 was 18 out of 40, which represents a share of 45%.
We aim to continue contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the spread of ZEH in the future.

Main specifications and equipment

Solar power
High performance insulation
Energy meter

Revitalization of idle company-owned apartments

Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama

With population decreasing due to the country's declining birthrate and aging society, it is increasingly critical to take appropriate measures to deal with the issue of abandoned houses and offices.
Tosei therefore undertakes to purchase idle company-owned apartments. By making upgrades to a whole building or restyling a building for use as condominiums, it seeks to use existing buildings as effectively as possible.

Participation in program to promote creation of quake-resistant and energy-efficient real estate

In 2013, Tosei Asset Advisors was selected as a manager of the first real estate fund operated by the general incorporated association Real Estate Sustainability & Energy-Efficiency Diffusion (Re-Seed) in a program to promote creation of quake-resistant and energy-efficient real estate launched by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of the Environment. Tosei Asset Advisors was selected as a manager of the second real estate fund in 2014, and again in 2017.

Environmental awareness-raising and education

Each employee of the Tosei Group strives to improve awareness of environmental conservation, and pursues environmental initiatives in his/her daily life. These initiatives are aimed at reducing the burden on the environment and developing a sustainable society. The project team, which consists of members selected from each department, plays the leading role in internal eco-friendly activities.

Rooftop Greening

On the rooftop of the Toranomon Tosei Building, which was used as the head office building until March 2021, we operated a rooftop vegetable garden in order to mitigate the heat island effect, raise employee awareness of the environment, and revitalize group communication. We grew flowers and vegetables according to the season and held a "harvest festival" to raise the environmental awareness of employees through employee-participatory events.

Participation in Events Volunteers for cleaning activities

The Group has participated in community volunteer activities since 2009. This year, it took part in the Nishinagisa-Hatsu Tokyo-Satoumi-Aid, a clean-up event held at Kasai Rinkai Park to remove marine debris. It also checked the types of debris collected and measured the total volume to contribute to future surveys for identifying the cause of marine debris.
Going forward, the Company will continue to promote environmental conservation activities.

Adoption of new eco-friendly materials for employees' business cards

The Group changed the material of business cards used by the Group's employees to LIMEX. This material is eco-friendly because almost no water or trees are used. The Group aims to reduce the amount of paper used and raise environmental awareness among employees by replacing business cards, the use of which reaches 500 pieces per person every year, with those made of eco-friendly materials.

In-house resource and energy conservation initiatives

We are gradually making meeting materials, approval documents and other documents paperless through the development of our IT environment. We also continue to take slow and steady actions, such as using fans and halogen heaters rather than relying entirely on air-conditioning systems.
We believe that continuous initiatives throughout the year are important to save resources and conserve energy and intend to continue raising awareness and educating employees about environmentally-friendly activities they can do in their daily lives.

Third-party evaluation

The Tosei Group actively acquires third-party reviews of its environmental performance data both as a benchmark for implementing and evaluating initiatives based on its ESG Policy and ESG Action Guidelines and in order to improve the reliability of the real estate it handles.

Participation in GRESB Real Estate Assessment

Tosei Corporation have been participating in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment since 2019, and in 2021, our second year of participation, we received “1 Star” and “Green Star” in the GRESB Rating, which is based on the global rankings of overall scores. “The Green Star” is given to participants who excel in terms of both the organization and structure of ESG promotion and the environmental performance of their properties. In 2021, as a result of our efforts to acquire environmental performance data on our properties and enhance communication with tenants, we were able to improve our score and received Green Star in addition to 1 Star.

About the GRESB Real Estate Assessment

GRESB is an annual benchmark which measures environmental, social, and governance ("ESG") considerations in real assets including real estate and infrastructure held and managed by real estate companies and funds. It was established primarily by major European pension funds groups based on the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2009. A total of 1,520 entities, including real estate companies, REITs and funds, globally participated in the 2021 GRESB Real Estate Ratings.

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification


The offices "Toranomon Tosei Building" and "Koishikawa Tosei Building" developed and owned by Tosei have newly acquired "DBJ Green Building Certification" by Development Bank of Japan, Ltd.

Toranomon Tosei Building
Koishikawa Tosei Building

About DBJ Green Building Certification

DBJ Green Building Certification is a certification system established by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) in April 2011 to act as a bridge between businesses and financial institutions and investors through the evaluation of real estate with high environmental and social awareness. The system supports ESG initiatives at existing buildings through comprehensive evaluation, which includes consideration for the social requirements from various stakeholders surrounding the properties in addition to their environmental performance.

Acquisition of BELS

The office “Awajicho Tosei Building“ owned as our portfolio properties by Tosei has acquired  3 stars under “Building Energy-efficiency Labeling System” (BELS) .

             Awajicho Tosei building

About "Building Energy-efficiency Labeling System" (BELS)

BELS is a system which evaluates energy conservation performance of buildings through a third-party evaluative organization and accredits them based on the Guidelines on Indicating the Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Utilization of environmentally rated loan programs

When raising funds for the acquisition of properties, we utilize loans programs for companies that are practicing environmentally conscious management offered by various banks. We have benefited from favorable interest rates on a total of seven occasions since 2010 under the environmentally rated loan programs of Mizuho Bank and the Yachiyo Bank as well as the Hokuriku Bank's Eco-Leadmaster environmentally rated loan program. Loan program environmental rating assessments rated us highly for management that promotes environmentally conscious business activities and ESG initiatives across the entire Group.

Acquisition of environmental certifications for real estate at Tosei Asset Advisers

Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc. is working to acquire a range of certifications through initiatives such as the installation of environmentally-friendly equipment such as LED lighting and energy monitoring at office buildings for which it provides asset management services and the proposal and conclusion of green lease agreements (lease contracts which include articles on environmental consideration).

Acquisition of "4 Stars" in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment

OSJ Kinshicho TMK and OSJ NSY TMK, which are provided with asset management services by Tosei Asset Advisors, Inc., received a "Green Star" designation and a rating of "4 Stars."

Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification

Office building in Sumida Ward
Office building in Yokohama City

Acquisition of BELS

Office building in Sumida Ward
Office building in Taito Ward
Office building in Yokohama City