Our Idea of Corporate Governance

Our framework to maintain sound business activities for all other stakeholders to achieve sound growth by responding promptly and accurately to changes in the operating environment.

The Tosei Group aspires to become a group of companies that make a meaningful contribution to their shareholders, employees, business partners, and other stakeholders by promptly and accurately responding to changes in the management environment and continually carrying out business activities that enable the Group to achieve sound growth.

Three Important Items in Corporate Governance. Group-wide Promotion of three Committees

To continue our Group operational activities, we have placed the greatest importance on enhancement of corporate governance, and in particular, "fully cultivating compliance mind", "enhancing risk management" and "conducting timely disclosure" as three key initiatives. Furthermore, the Group is determined to make efforts in a unified manner, from the top management down to each employee of the Group companies, led by the Board of Directors, to develop an internal control system as required by the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as to set up a system which is credible to investors, as a financial instruments business operator.

Compliance We place compliance at the top of our agenda and raise awareness of it from top management to all employees of the Group companies through the edification of workshops, morning gatherings and mail magazines
Risk Management Assuming every possible risk, we prepare and practice emergency responses under normal conditions with a special focus on eliminating relationships with anti-social forces.
Information Disclosure We practice disclosure and communication appropriately and on a timely basis to all stakeholders including shareholders.

Diagram of Corporate Governance System

Diagram of Corporate Governance System

Efforts for Internal Control System

Tosei formulated a basic policy on an internal control system, aiming to construct the internal control system pursuant to the Company Law and the financial Instruments and Exchange Act, to build a trustworthy structure for our shareholders as a financial instrument operator. Every fiscal year, Tosei compiles information on measures we developed, managed and newly implemented and reports to stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Report

Please refer to the company's Corporate Governance Report, for more information on our corporate governance.

Last update: March 4, 2019

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

In order to respond to the Tokyo Stock Exchange's "Corporate Governance Code", we have established a "Basic Policy". For more details, please refer to the "Basic Policy on Corporate Governance".

Last update: March 1, 2019