Message from the President and CEO

The President and CEO Seiichiro Yamaguchi

The Tosei Group's corporate philosophy is to "create new value and inspiration  in all aspects of real estate." With environmental and social issues growing increasingly serious, we recognize that the creation of new value that society demands through our corporate activities is the realization of a sustainable society.
As part of its CSR activities, the Group has long promoted the revitalization and development of real estate with an awareness of reducing environmental impact, in addition the enhancement of corporate governance.In January 2019, we established the Tosei Group ESG Policy and ESG Action Guidelines to re-integrate and further develop our activities as ESG management, and established a promotion system.In addition, since 2020, we have been aware of the roles that the Group should play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, and have been planning products and services aimed at contributing to SDGs in established businesses such as real estate revitalization and condominium and detached house development.Amid a rapidly changing social environment, people's lifestyles and values are becoming increasingly diverse, and there is also a need for reforms in the style and value of real estate.
The Tosei Group will  strive to practice ESG management that gives consideration to sustainability while continuing to respond flexibly to changes in the social environment so that we can continue to be a company with existence value for all stakeholders.

The President and CEO
Seiichiro Yamaguchi