Message from Executive Officer in Charge of Promoting ESG

Executive Officer in Charge of Promoting ESG Noboru Hirano

Recently, ESG investment has been expanding worldwide, particularly among major institutional investors. ESG investment refers to an investment method in which consideration is given to important indicators of whether investment target companies recognize three factors, namely, the environment, society and government, as significant in terms of management and implement corporate management (ESG management) accordingly. With companies becoming increasingly expected and pressured to engage in ESG, the Tosei Group has adopted "enhance Tosei's brand value based on an awareness of ESG" as part of a fundamental policy to strengthen the business base under its Mid-term Plan  and aims to step up ESG initiatives. We have always promoted enhancement of corporate governance and real estate revitalization and development based on an awareness of reducing environmental impact as part of our CSR activities, and to realign and further develop our activities to date with ESG management, the Group established the Tosei Group ESG Policy and ESG Action Guidelines in January 2019 and developed a framework for their implementation.
From 2020, we will position the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as important indicators for the Tosei Group's ESG management, determine the role to be played by the Group and material issues for realization of a sustainable society and endeavor to practice ESG management to ensure that the Group continues to be of value in the eyes of its various stakeholders.

Executive Officer in Charge of Promoting ESG
Noboru Hirano