For Our Customers

We are conscious of creating products that respond to social issues and needs as the times change.

Aiming to contribute to the SDGs by creating housing

THE Palms Court Hibarigaoka" has four themes of "green conservation," "energy saving and waste reduction," "water saving and water resource conservation," and "crime prevention and disaster prevention," and is among the 17 goals of the SDGs. We aim to contribute to the six goals  throgh the project.


Creation of comfortable residences

In the detached house development business, the Group proposes residences that are comfortable for all family members in response to increasingly diverse lifestyles, including the rise in households where both partners work. At certain houses in The Palms Court Kamakura Shiromeguri, we have planned houses where all family members can easily take part in family chores, considering the line of flow. In product planning, we focused attention on the views of women, who support the lives of family members through family chores and child rearing. A project team consisting chiefly of female employees is responsible for the project from planning to development to create more comfortable houses.

Atrium living room
Iron counter
Soil space with high storage capacity
Island kitchen
mama counter
wood deck

Creation of Community Spaces in Condominiums

In new condominiums for sale and rental condominiums, we actively incorporate community spaces that residents can use depending on the situation.  We sought to create an environment where residents with different lifestyles could live comfortably, specifically, study rooms, guest rooms, party rooms, etc.

Study room(THE Palms Sagamihara)
Guest room(THE Palms Sagamihara)
Party room(THE Palms Sagamihara)
Relax Library(THE Palms Chofu)
Afternoon Garden(THE Palms Chofu)
Kid's Room(T's garden Kitakashiwa)

Barrier-Free Houses

THE Palms Court series of condominiums for sale includes barrier-free "Withstyle" homes for the elderly. These homes, Tosei applies a unique design code consisting of 10 items based on the concept of a permanent residence, to create house designs suitable for any situation in a long life.
Features include the installation of a closet that can be converted into an elevator at low cost should an elevator become necessary in the future and wheelchair-accessible designs.

Measures to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Conducting tenant surveys

We regularly conduct questionnaires on building management and operation systems, facilities, and other matters to tenants occupying our properties in an effort to identify tenant needs.We are also working with tenants to improve the sustainability of our properties by distributing guides requesting cooperation in energy conservation activities and posting posters to promote energy conservation in common areas. 
Energy conservation posters
                 Sustainability Guide


Management of product quality

Implementation of evaluations and inspections by third parties

For the THE Palms Yutenji Master Place, a newly constructed condominium, Tosei implements evaluations and inspections through the Japan Constructive Inspect Association, a third party designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as well as inspections based on laws and regulations to provide safe and reliable housing to customers.

ISO 9001 (quality management system)

May 2019 update

Tosei is an ISO 9001-certified company for the planning, design, construction work management and after-sales service (regular inspections) of condominiums, office buildings, commercial buildings and detached houses, and engages in strict quality management in compliance with ISO 9001. Tosei Community Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tosei Corporation, is also an ISO 9001-certified entity that undertakes the planning and provision of general management operations for condominiums, office buildings and rental condominiums.

Efforts to pursue quality improvements in products in response to customer needs Meetings

As part of quality management, the Tosei Group is in the process of adopting more unique initiatives.

Meetings for examining quality improvements

In conjunction with the construction or renovation of new or existing office buildings and condominiums, among other properties, Tosei conducts detailed checks on specifications and indepth meetings with the attendance of three parties - the Company, design and construction management companies, and construction companies. It seeks to strengthen collaboration among concerned parties to provide better products while preventing the occurrence of issues.


Tosei manages all processes related to the construction and maintenance of new or existing office buildings or condominiums through three parties - the Company, design and construction management companies, and construction companies - based on Tosei's unique quality control standards, TOSEI-QC-10. Tosei strives to provide customers with safe and reliable products by conducting inspections and particularly rechecking those items that customers cannot oversee.

Feedback on customer requests for products

Tosei is moving forward with efforts to plan and design products with better quality by internally sharing feedback on complaints and requests raised by customers during after-sales inspections and their straightforward opinions obtained from personal perspectives.

For Our Employees

Creation of happy, positive workplaces

We endeavor to create workplace environments that are based on respect for the diversity of the workforce regardless of differences such as gender or age and where all employees can reach their full potential.

Whistleblowing system

Tosei operates a whistle-blowing system consisting of three Tosei Hotlines that can be accessed by all Group employees. We also have a contact point in the Human Resource Department to prevent harassment and deal even more quickly with any harassment that does arise.

Circle activities

We subsidize circle activities to encourage communication among employees. A total of eight circles, including cultural and sports circles, have been established to date, providing employees with a valuable opportunity to communicate with employees from departments or group companies with whom they would normally not associate at work.

Family days

We hold family days once a year to give children a better understanding of their parents' job and workplace. In 2019, a total of 20 families or 62 family members attended the family day and enjoyed activities such as swapping business cards, a stamp rally around the offices, and making models of homes. The day also served as a social occasion for employees and their family members to get to know each other.

Human resource development training

The Tosei Group helps each employee enhance their skills and abilities through the implementation of human resource training programs and the adoption of systems that facilitate personal development and qualification acquisition. To develop a globally-minded group of seasoned professionals, as described in its corporate philosophy, the Group also provides external management school training aimed to develop the next generation of leaders as well as training for employees according to occupational level.

Real estate notary training
Training for mid-career hires

Main training programs

  • Group training for new graduates
  • Training for instructors of new graduates
  • Training for mid-career hires
  • Training for newly assigned junior administrator (one year)
  • Training on management for managers
  • Training at business schools (one year)
  • Real estate notary training
  • Compliance training
  • Mental health training
  • ESG training

Supporting employees' work-life balance

Leave systems for every stage of life

We have developed various leave systems, such as maternity leave, childcare leave and nursing care leave, to support employees when they have a child, raise young children, care for elderly relatives or experience other changes in their lifestyles at the different stages of life.

Health Committee

In the interests of health management, employees are required to undergo an annual medical health checkup. The Health Committee, which comprises employees and partner industrial physicians, reviews the general working environment, including the soundness of the office environment and the status of medical checkups, on a monthly basis. The results of the reviews are provided to employees as feedback.

Mental healthcare

The Group sends questionnaires and provides training to all employees in relation to mental health care under the guidance of partner industrial physicians. It also moves forward with initiatives to maintain employees' physical and mental health condition by requiring employees who engage in overtime work that exceeds a certain amount to have an interview with industrial physicians and other professionals. In addition, the Group provides a consultation service for sound mental health in collaboration with external medical institutions. The service provides a contact point for employees and their families through which they can casually request health consultations without worry, either by phone or e-mail.

Employees' health promotion program

Tosei endeavors to maintain and improve its employees' health through regular medical health checkups. We also endeavor to further promote the early detection of disease and better health among employees aged 35 and over by paying their share of the cost of comprehensive medical examinations. Every year, we offer a range of additional internal activities such as public health nurse interviews, voluntary locomotive syndrome risk testing and a refresh program which includes relaxing yoga to any employees who wish to participate.

Encouraging employees to take annual paid leave

To create an environment that made it easier for employees to take annual paid leave, we introduced the "Anniversary leave" system under which employees take one day's annual paid holiday on one date every year which they themselves fixed.

Efforts to reduce overtime work

To curb employees' long working hours, the Group is promoting initiatives to reduce overtime work through the adoption of no-overtime-work days, the prohibition of overtime work after 21:00 as a general rule, and the recommendation of morning-oriented workstyles. The average number of overtime hours decreased for a sixth consecutive fiscal year, reflecting efforts to improve business efficiency.

human resources data

Number of employees (Non-consolidated) 159 181 191 195
Men 111 128 137 144
Women 48 53 54 51
Pct. of females in employees (%) 30.2 29.3 28.3 26.2
Pct. of female managers (%) 8.6 11.9 6.3 5.9
Number of new graduate hires 18 12 10 10
Number of mid-career hires 11 28 23 23
Length of service 5.8 5.5 5.8 5.7
Pct. of employees using childbirth and childcare leave (%) 100 100 100 100
Pct. of employees returning to work after childcare leave (%) 100 100 100 100
Pct. of employees using elderly parent care single-day leave (%) 0 0 0 0
Pct. of paid leave used (%) 40.3 44.4 65.1 60.3

Contributions to Local Communities

Volunteers for cleaning activities

The Group has participated in community volunteer activities since 2009. This year, it took part in the Nishinagisa-Hatsu Tokyo-Satoumi-Aid, a clean-up event held at Kasai Rinkai Park to remove marine debris. It also checked the types of debris collected and measured the total volume to contribute to future surveys for identifying the cause of marine debris. Going forward, the Company will continue to promote environmental conservation activities.

The clean-up
The clean-up
Participants and marine debris collected

Tokyo Coronavirus Medical Support Fund

In 2020, we donated donations through the Tokyo Coronavirus Medical Support Fund to support medical professionals due to the spread of coronavirus infection. We donated 1 million yen and donations of 190,000 yen from Tosei Group officers and volunteer employees.

The green feather fundraising activity

The activity aims to provide support for a range of programs, such as the maintenance of forests, development of forestry volunteers and provision of forestry and environmental education for children.

Collection boxes for plastic bottle caps

The activity aims to send vaccines to children in developing countries by using profits earned from the sale of plastic bottle caps to recycling companies.

Support activities for affected areas

Continuation of activities for supporting areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Since 2011, the Tosei Group has been engaged in activities for supporting areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its recent activities include the organization of dental seminars and painting of rusted playground equipment at nursery centers in the affected areas, as well as support for the opening of food stalls for a festival held at a temporary housing site. These activities were carried out in cooperation with an NPO that is engaged in volunteer activities in the affected areas.

Taiko drums

We collected voluntary contributions from Group employees and others in order to donate 28 Taiko drums to Naruse Mirai Junior High School, which had just opened in Higashimatsushima. Elementary and junior high schools in Higashimatsushima always used to give many Taiko drumming performances. However, many drums were lost in the tsunami that hit the area. Thanks to the Taiko drums we donated, the school is now able to give Taiko drumming performances at cultural festivals and the school and local residents were very pleased with the gift.

Donations through the Japanese Red Cross Society

In 2019, Tosei sent, via the Japanese Red Cross Society, a donation of 1 million yen plus money collected from Group employees, to support those affected by Typhoons Faxai and Hagibis.