Changes in the social environment have created issues such as a declining birthrate and aging population, diversifying lifestyles, and natural disasters. The Tosei Group addresses those issues through a wide range of activities including creation of comfortable residences, creation of comfortable working environments, and support for disaster-stricken areas.

Initiatives Through Business Activities

Creation of Comfortable Residences

Barrier-Free Houses

In certain projects in its detached house development business, the Tosei Group provides barrier-free houses by applying a unique design code consisting of ten items, which are based on the concept of "permanent residence." The Group aims to develop houses that are comfortable for young children and the elderly and that are homes where all generations of families can continue to live comfortably.

Product Planning by Women

In its detached house development business, the Tosei Group has launched the "Irodorie," a project featuring product planning by women. Under this project, the Group has been developing products that cater to customer needs. The Group proposes homes that are comfortable for all family members, by focusing attention on the ideas of women, who support family life through household tasks, childcare, and other activities.

Development of Secure Towns

Promotion of Community Formation

Tosei held a festival at THE Palms Court Kashiwahatsuishi, which are detached houses it developed, to promote interaction among residents and between residents and people in the neighboring areas. Tosei links between people help build communities, part of its efforts to promote the development of towns that allow customers to be integrated into local communities.

Creation of Comfortable Work Environment

Creation of a Community Space in Office

In its revitalization business, Tosei carries out Value-up construction work, as it seeks to create a working environment where people can work comfortably with spiritual wealth.


Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

Since 2011, the Tosei Group has been engaged in activities for supporting areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Its recent activities include the organization of dental seminars and painting of rusted playground equipment at nursery centers in the affected areas, as well as support for the opening of food stalls for a festival held at a temporary housing site. These activities were carried out in cooperation with an NPO that is engaged in volunteer activities in the affected areas.